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Use Google Translate on any Windows Desktop Application[Download]

by Loffy D Monky , at 12:57 AM , have 0 comments
Almost every web browser has a Google Translate extension to translate words or sentences that are not in our language. But those only provide functionally for web applications.

What about translating texts on one of the MS Office application, a desktop email client, windows notepad or any other windows application?

If you’re looking for a free and simple application that can bring the Google Translate facility right into your windows applications, try out transmiti.

Simply select a text and press the windows key (changeable via settings). Transmiti will provide you with the translated text in a box. It works with almost all languages supported by Google Translate.
Loffy D Monky
Use Google Translate on any Windows Desktop Application[Download] - written by Loffy D Monky , published at 12:57 AM, categorized as ComputerTricks , How2 . And have 0 comments
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