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Earn Money with GlobAllShare's free shares [Full Review]

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GlobAllShare is a very powerful new Social Media Platform like Facebook but different in many ways. The reason I make this post is because as this service in pre-launch mode, you have the opportunity to make money from it (Full Global launch at March 30 2014).

How to earn with GlobAllShare

During the pre-launch phase they give away their shares for free!
There are 2 ways you can earn free shares
  • Log in each day to earn 1 share.
  • Invite new users to sign-up(friends, family etc)

Monthly Income From Dividends

GlobAllShare will pay out 70% of their income to shareholders in form of dividends.

Imagine this example scenario: You have invited 5 of your friends to the GlobAllShare community successfully and your invited friends also invite 5 of their friends in 7 subsequent levels, then you may have the following number of shares.

level 1: 5 invited    1 GAS share
level 2: 25 invited    5 GAS shares
level 3: 125 invited    25 GAS shares
level 4: 625 invited    125 GAS shares
level 5: 3.125 invited    625 GAS shares
level 6: 15.625 invited    3 125 GAS shares
level 7: 78.125 invited    15 625 GAS shares
Total 19.531 GAS shares

According to the above example, you may get a total of 19,531 shares for free. Each share will pay a monthly dividend after the global launching. If, for instance, one share pays lets say $0.25 monthly dividend. Your 19.531 shares would get you almost $5,000 per month!!!

Of course, numbers presented above are only example, please do your own calculations according to your own realistic expectations. You can monitor the number and value of your shares plus the sum of your monthly dividend at the WebOffice in your GlobAllShare control panel at any time.

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Sell Shares and Earn

As a member of the GlobAllShare community you have an option to sell your shares,
this would allow you to earn one time lump sum of money.
IMPORTANT: You can use this article to bring your friends to the service. Copy-Paste it to your email and invite your friends. Make sure that you use your personal "invitation link" located at the WebOffice in your GlobAllShare control panel.
Earn Money with GlobAllShare's free shares [Full Review]
Earn Money with GlobAllShare's free shares [Full Review] - written by Unknown , published at 3:30 AM, categorized as Autopilot , Guide , Internet Money , Make Money , No Investment , Social . And have 4 comments
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