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Use with AddMeFast and Twitter for fast profits!

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Use with AddMeFast and Twitter for fast profits!

In this article like in the previous i will present to you an other one step by step guide that i have tried and i know that definitely produce profit.

This guide is based on making profit through Adfly and finding visitors via Twitter. Its a brand new system and i hope it will help you boost your earnings a little!

  1. You make a Twitter account and log in. 
  2. In the left column of Twitter look for the box titled "Country Trends · Change". Press"Change" and select United States. Now the box shows the top trends of Twitter for the United States. We can choose whatever country we want. 
  3. Select a top trend eg #StarWarsEpisodeSevenCharacters and look on Google for an article or a website related to that topic. 
  4. You take the link of the article or the website that you found and shrink it with Adflyto get a new link for which you get paid every time someone click. 
  5. Go to Twitter and write a Tweet with a catchy title, the top issue we chose and our link (eg Check the latest News on #StarWarsEpisodeSevenCharacters at
  6. After posting the Tweet, go to "Tweets" section (left column just below the name of your account) to see your Tweet. On the right from each Tweet you can see how much time has passed since you post it. Press on the time and the page that opens is the unique link of your Tweet. 
  7. See the URL of the page. It must be something like that and copy only the last numbers "352441183290667009"
  8. All that remains now is find people to re-tweet your Tweet. Here is whereAddMeFast comes in.

With AddMeFast you collect points by following other users on Twitter, FaceBook etc or making Shares, Likes, Repins etc. What you need to do now is to gain some points.

After gathering some points at AddMeFast, press "Add Site / Page". On the page that opens select:

Type: Twitter Retweets
Country: The country which you have chosen to see "top tweets"
Title: Whatever you want
Site / Page URL: The numbers that you copied in Step 7

Don't change anything else and click "Save Changes".

We are now ready. When retweets start you will also see your first profits. What's left to do is to repeat these steps as many times you want and use whatever country you want to win more. The only limit is the points you need to collect in AddMeFast because it is a little boring from a certain point.

Instead of searching for relevant articles or websites in step 3 you can search for a product or offer to promote so that you can win if there is a sale or registration.

Good profits and don't forget to give your feedback in the comments!
Use with AddMeFast and Twitter for fast profits!
Use with AddMeFast and Twitter for fast profits! - written by Unknown , published at 6:23 AM, categorized as AddMeFast , Adfly , Guide , Links , Make Money , Social , Twitter . And have 1 comment
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