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How to Promote your Blog or Referral link to Get hundrends of Referrals!

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 1:55 PM , have 4 comments

In this blog we post many money making ideas for you so you can join them and earn money. But as you have bropably noticed the majority of these websites provide the opportunity to boost your earnings by bringing referrals (this applies mostly at PTC sites such as NeoBux).

So here is the question: How can i find people to refer?
If you have a blog the solution is easy. You write posts and put your ref links in there. But can you do if you don't have one?

This is where refban comes!

What is refban?
Refban (referral banner) is a brand new concept in banner advertising. You can earn money by displaying banners on your website, blog and in other places much the same any other banner advertising network. However, you can also earn money by telling other people about this service and referring new members and advertisers.

How to Get Referrals
Refban offers the best way to promote your ref links! You can buy 50000 impressions of  your own banner for only $15 (0.0003 per impression). Imagine that 50000 people will see your referral link and imagine how many of them will signup under you. This will really boost your earnings! Below you can see the costs table.

Can I Earn Money from refban?
If you don't want to spend money to achieve that, you can use the money you earned from refban!
How to earn:

  • Use the code to show banners to your website or blog, You will get paid daily for the impressions.
  • Bring referrals and earn commissions on their earning.
If you want to see for yourself what Refban has to offer, visit HERE
How to Promote your Blog or Referral link to Get hundrends of Referrals! - written by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , published at 1:55 PM, categorized as Advertise , Blog , Links , refban . And have 4 comments
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