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Make Money from a Blog with Adfly - Automated System [2014]

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A while ago we discussed "How to make money from a Blog with adfly"
In this post i will show you how you can use a similar method to make money automatically from your blog! Its a really Simple method and a great money maker trick. 

An adfly account - Register Here
An Account for Blogger or Wordpress (you can also use other services as well)
Create the accounts that you will need (email, blog, adfly)
Create A blog for Music news, free mp3, Tech, Software or Games related (or other hight traffic keywords). NOTE: Adult related stuff is prohibited by and
Choose wise a good sub-domain name, but remember, it is very important that name should match with the "Niche"
Search the web for related things that you can use in your blog and publish a few posts
Go To Your Blog Settings and make it fully visible to Search Engines
Make it Automated
Adfly has provided the "Website Entry Script
If you wish to earn money when a visitor simply enters your site, use the following script. The visitor will automatically redirected on adfly ads so you don't have to worry about people clicking on your adfly urls.
Go to templates and click "Edit HTML"
Copy the following code and paste it just above "</body>" tag (or get your own code from here)

<script type="text/javascript"> 
    var adfly_id = *******; 
    var adfly_advert = 'int'; 
    var frequency_cap = 5
    var frequency_delay = 5
    var init_delay = 3
<script src=""></script>

Change id=******* with your Id 
'frequency_cap': the number of times the user will be redirected to advertising in 24 hours.
'frequency_delay': the number of minutes between adverts show to the user.
'init_delay': the number of seconds between the advertising being displayed and your website loading. (It is recommended to keep this to a few seconds so that user will see your website first and then our advertising. It reduces the chances of the user clicking the BACK button)
If you want to use the "Website Entry Script" with the "Banner advertising" (less money, but less intrusive) change the following line:

var adfly_advert = 'int'; 


var adfly_advert = 'banner';

You are not going to earn much money on the first month because at that time you will not have much content and traffic. So don’t worry and specially don’t lose hope. Its a proven method and it will work if you work with it. Try to promote your content on social media as much as you can!
 Make Money from a Blog with Adfly - Automated System [2014]
Make Money from a Blog with Adfly - Automated System [2014] - written by Unknown , published at 9:41 AM, categorized as , EarnViaBlog , OnlineEarning . And have 0 comments
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