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How to make money from Facebook with adfly [New Guide 2014]

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Everyone is concern about facebook blocking adfly links , well there is always a way to make the money from facebook you just have to follow my instructions. I am going to give you a trick that did work for me. This is a new 2013 trick! 

First of all you will need a facebook account with more than 250 friends - Register HERE
if you have less then i don't think you will see a result with this and you should move forward to make money with twitter and adfly or make money with pinterest and adfly!

What you really need to do is get any link or share any video to your friends but first 
  1. Shorten any URL using and copy that short URL
  2. Now go to and enter you shorten URL there and click “Make url2it”
  3. There will be new link created for you.
  4. Now you can easily post this URL to Facebook without any restriction.
When your friends click on the link that you will post on facebook it will be redirected to ADFLY and you still will make the money.!

NOTE: When linking, try not to use the default adfly URL, be different and less recognizable, use one of their other redirect options

How to make money from Facebook with adfly [New Guide 2014]
How to make money from Facebook with adfly [New Guide 2014] - written by Unknown , published at 2:21 PM, categorized as Adfly , Facebook , Guide , Social . And have 0 comments
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