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Gain/ Review, Play & Earn [EARN]

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I discovered this website back in August 2013 but only recently received my payout so I decided to make a guide today. 

What Is Gain?

Gain is a "game" that lets you predict whether the currency exchange between two currencies will rise or fall. If you prediction is correct then you gain points. If you are incorrect, you lose points. The sum of your points from 5 different markets become your total score. Your total score decides your place in the weekly user board and depending on your place, that is how much money you gain. You are allowed to cash out when your balance reaches at least $30. They do send it in a business transaction so fees will be needed. I cashed out at $30.27 and received $28.79.

How Long Should It Take A New Player to Earn $30?

Really depends on how well you play. If you look at my earnings list: 2014-01-04_1253 - Turtley101's library , you can see that I had a really good week that earned me ~$5. But for 4 weeks I didn't touch GAIN and went autopilot for about $1.35 a day. 

So really you have to see how lucky and skilled you are, as well as see how you compare with the people playing that week as well. Technically the fastest you could be is about 2 weeks as first place is currently earning $23 a week with their score. So if you can place first place (which is incredibly hard to do obviously), you could earn ~$46 in 2 weeks.

Realistically for a new player like you who puts in some amount of work and research, it would probably take you around 2 months of a couple minutes a week to get your first cash-out. After that, once you've established your points base, it will be much easier as they are cumulative.

What Makes Gain So Easy?

If you know what you're doing on this site (experience in forex trading or stock predictions), you can make BANK. If you have no idea what you're doing you can literally guess the answer as there are only 2 choices: Up or Down. With only 2 choices, and a grand total of 5 different currency exchange areas, it would take only 2 minutes at the start of each week to set your choices. After this, you don't have to touch it for the rest of the week!

Autopilot Earnings

This is the part that everyone wants - the autopilot earnings. So how do we do this? The best thing about Gain is that your points do not reset every week. Only your place in the leader board changes depending on everyone else's score. For example: I am placed 100th and I just earned $2 for the week with a score of 30,000. Assuming I do not touch Gain for the next week, my score remains at 30,000! However it is safe to bet that my place will fall to say 105th and my earning for that week will be ~$1.90. Personally for a whole month I went autopilot and I have proof of that in my proof links below.

If you have any questions at all feel free to ask me! If you sign up under me, obviously special support will be given such as the in depth charts to my results for each currency for each week.

Gain/ Review, Play & Earn [EARN]
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