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Make money Easily Selling Computer's Idle Processing Time [Latest List - Updated 2014]

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Automate your Earnings, Let your computer do the work for you

In this post i will review for you a brand new system I've just found. What would you say if i tell you that you can earn money just by leaving your computer online.

1. Digital Generation

Digital Generation is the best service of its kind in the internet. Instead of building a physical supercomputer, the company is building a cloud supercomputer. This means, it uses the processing power of multiple personal computers on a worldwide scale, connected via Internet, to achieve the data processing capabilities. With more than 600.000 registered users DG is now the world's largest computing network (besides Bitcoin).

You just have to download the software from the website and you let it run all day (or while you do other jobs). You make money as long as your PC is powered and online. You will be given 1 month free trial thread to test the service and earn your first dollars, after that you will need to purchase the one year license for $50 per thread which I highly recommend.
  • The size of your payment will be directly proportional to the time that the application was running on your computer during the previous month. In this case the more Threads you take up, the higher your income.
  • The minimum standard award is $1 per day ($30 per month) for one running Thread (up to $100 per day for 100 threads).
  • Also bring your friends to use the service and earn 20% for first level referrals and 10% for second level referrals.
  • To boost your Earnings convert your account to founder status and take advantage of the stocks. As you can see at the image below i purchased 3 stocks for $10 each and now i can sell these stocks for over $30 each. The price is rising daily. I suggest to switch to founder status.

click to enlarge

    IMPORTANT: To have your money appear as available so you can withdraw your payments make sure you follow the necessary requirements:
    -Your phone is verified!
    -Your profile is fully fulfilled with all your details and at least one of the payment accounts created.
    You need a thread to earn, you receive your thread immediately after confirming your phone in your profile section. Money earned prior to your account verification stays on current balance and can be used to buy new threads.

    Register at EgoPay to withdraw your earnings(very secure, easy and simple e-wallet)
    Register an Digital Generation HERE

    2. Slicify

    Slicify offers people the chance to Buy and Sell Computing Power. Buyers will be renting Linux Virtual Machines for an hourly rate of about 2 cents per hour. To sell computing power on Slicify is like renting your computer out to buyers. Buyers can “book” your computer from a few cents to a dollar an hour. Users with outdated computers may not earn as much.

    Slicify is one of the most reliable services. Huge corporations such as Amazon use Slicify to rent compute power.

    Read full Review HERE
    Register HERE

    3. IPUServices

    Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC, purchases unused/idle computer processing power at a fair price, then re-packages it and sells it at a profit. 100% of profits are distributed to the Members, which include all Division Managers.

    You EARN MONEY by simply leaving your computer on. No purchase is necessary at all to earn money. Simply Register, and download the process software. That is it.

    Of course, you can multiply your earnings if you wish, although doing so is not required. You may build a referral list (you make % of referrals), you may upgrade your membership, you may build (or buy) a downline, install more computers, etc.

    See the earnings table below for detailed information

     You will get a $1 Sign up Bonus
    IPU Services provides Instant Payment!!! Various payout methods supported. I suggest you use EgoPay

    4. CoinBeez

    CoinBeez works in the same way as the previous services. Feel free to give it a try. The service is still new so there will be some development in the way. Below you can see the earnings table.

    At the moment the software is not launched yet. Use the time to bring referrals! Unlike the other services, CoinBeez supports PayPal and EgoPay

    Bringing Referrals can really boost your earnings. Learn how to get hundreds of referrals easily HERE
    Make money Easily Selling Computer's Idle Processing Time [Latest List - Updated 2014]
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