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CCNA 3 Chapter 6 v5.0 Exam Answers 2014

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1 The network administrator has been asked to summarize the routes for a new OSPF area. The networks to be summarized are,, and with subnet masks of for each network. Which command should the administrator use to forward the summary route for area 15 into area 0?area 15 range 0 range 0
CCNA 3 Chapter 6 v5.0 Exam Answers 2014
CCNA 3 Chapter 6 v5.0 Exam Answers 2014 - written by Unknown , published at 12:15 PM, categorized as CCNA 3 V5 , CCNA 3 V5 Answers , CCNA V5 , Routing And Switching Scaling Networks V5 Answers . And have 1 comment
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