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CCNA 4 Chapter 5 v5.0 Exam Answers 2014

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1 Typically, which network device would be used to perform NAT for a corporate environment?

DHCP server

host device




2 What is the group of public IPv4 addresses used on a NAT-enabled router known as?

outside local addresses

inside local addresses

inside global addresses

outside global addresses

3 When NAT is employed in a small office, which address type is typically used for hosts on the local LAN?

private IP addresses

global public IP addresses

Internet-routable addresses

both private and public IP addresses

4 Which version of NAT allows many hosts inside a private network to simultaneously use a single inside global address for connecting to the Internet?


static NAT

dynamic NAT

port forwarding

5 Which type of NAT maps a single inside local address to a single inside global address?



port address translation


6 Several key servers in an organization must be directly accessible from the Internet. What addressing policy should be implemented for these servers?

Use dynamic NAT to provide addresses for the servers.

Place all of the servers in their own Class C private subnet.

Use DHCP to assign addresses from the pool of Class B addresses.

Assign static internal addresses and public external addresses to each of the servers

7 What is a disadvantage of NAT?

There is no end-to-end addressing.

The router does not need to alter the checksum of the IPv4 packets.

The internal hosts have to use a single public IPv4 address for external communication.

The costs of readdressing hosts can be significant for a publicly addressed network.


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