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How to Make Money from using Pinterest

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 4:19 AM , have 0 comments
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I was busy for some days as I had some works on other blogs and stuffs which i will Mention Later. :P

The Topic for the Post is "How to Make Money from using Pinterest"

Well.guess Everyone know about Pinterest.

What is Pinterest.?
Pinterest is also a social Market like facebook itself. Pinterest is a site were photos are shared in every way. Pin it(Like in facebook) Repin(share in facebook) etc etc.

Well thats out of topic.

So how to use Pinterest as a mean of making money.

*You need an account in Pinterest.
*You need an account in ( If you dont have Register here )

The next step is to upload pictures that will attract peoples attention. It can be anything which can be attractive and make people urge to click at least once. As womens use pinterest mostly, Fashion is the main trend and it is famous in pinterest. Therefore its better you choose something womens like. A clothing, Sandal, or shoes Photos from google or any rare pics which you find apart from google and put a cool keyword to it. Just like jennifer's favourite shoes/dress and put the shortened link with your keyword. Thats All

NOTE : Dont Scam.

Now How can those photos be converted into visits.
Well as Pinterest doesnt need followers or anything like fb. Everyone can see your uploaded photo and anyone can visit the link which you have published with pinterest. SO have fun Making Money.

This will work 100%. But This Guide is just a 50% of your success. KEEP in Mind your Ideas will bring the most out of

If you have got IDEAS dont forget to share with Us.

Thank You


How to Make Money from using Pinterest - written by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , published at 4:19 AM, categorized as , Money , online . And have 0 comments
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