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How to make some cash through links using Twitter

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 6:33 AM , have 0 comments
Hell Guyz.
Well Today I am going to teach you "How to make some cash through links using Twitter".

I know some people does not even use twitter but the most of them does
This guide is for all those who use and those who dont.

1.Twitter Account
Firstly If you dont have a twitter account make a twitter account and login.

2.Setting Up
After Login, there will be a column in the left (in the Twitter home page).There will be a small box titled "Country trends-CHange" Press the "Change" Option and select any of the country .Better select United States as because pays the most for US Traffic, i.e, Upto 8 Dollars/1000 Unique Views.
Yup When You change it to United States it will show up the Latest Trends of twitter for United States. You are free to choose any of the best trend topic.

3.Selecting a perfect Topic
After You select a trop trend, Head to google search for an article/webpage to the topic, better choose a best website/article so that people get satisfied.

4.Shrinking the link through
Take the Link of article/website you choosed and shrink it through so that you make some money when someone clicks and views your link.(Note:Dont forget to login to and shrink.Many of them does mistake eventhough they know they wont be getting money if not logged in.)

5.Prefixing with Catchy Title
Prefix a short and catchy title for your Link and tweet it.If you have some followers do the best to get retweets for your tweet.

If you are new to twitter then get some followers through twiends or followmania and within a week you will flood with followers(I will give a detailed description in later posts)

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