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Real Profits with Bubblews [Case Study]

by Loffy D Monky , at 11:32 AM , have 0 comments

Bubblews is one of the most profitable websites i have ever joined (and beleive me i have joined quite a few the last few years). You may have read many good and also many bad reviews in other sites, especially from people that claim tha bubblews is a scam. But i am here to tell you my personal experience with the site.

I am not even one moth registered at Bubblews and my stats are already high as you can see below. Note that you need at least $25 to request payout.

Registration Date: October 21st 2013

Complete Stats
updated: Nov 18 2013
Likes: 1289 Dislikes: 1
Articles Posted: 49
Comments: 213
Views: 3370

1st Payment

Posts: 34
Likes: 752
Dislikes: 0
Views: 1550
Comments: 138
Earned: 25.40 $

2nd Payment

Posts: 15
Likes: 537
Dislikes: 1
Views: 1818
Comments: 75
Earned: 25.30 $ - Payment Pending

Register at Bubblews HERE

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Loffy D Monky
Real Profits with Bubblews [Case Study] - written by Loffy D Monky , published at 11:32 AM, categorized as Bubblews , Case Study , Internet Money , No Investment , payment , payment proofs . And have 0 comments
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