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Get Netflix on a modded PlayStation 2

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UPDATE: As of March 2012, Netflix has discontinued Netflix For PS2, so this will not work anymore.

Netflix, the standard in streaming video, has set up console streaming from everything from Blu-ray to the Xbox, but there is still no support for the PS2, until now. In order to do this, you must have a modded PS2, either with FreeMcBoot or a modchip. I will show you with FMCB.


1. First, you need to download the iso. You can get it here.

2. Insert your USB drive into your computer. It must be at least 2 GB.  You may need to format your drive to have enough space. Formatting will delete all data on the drive. THE DRIVE MUST BE FAT32 file system.

3. Open your flash drive and create two folders in it, one called "DVD", and one called "CD". These must be all caps. Open the RAR file you downloaded earlier and extract it to the DVD folder on your flash drive. You can use WinRAR, or the free 7-zip.

4. Open My Computer and navigate to your flash drive. Right click on the .iso file, click rename, and rename it to "SLUS_219.49.Netflix.iso". For more information about naming games, see this page.

5. If you do not already have OPL, you will have to get it. Download it here, then extract the zip file onto the root of your flash drive.

6. Unplug the flash drive from your computer, and connect it to your PS2 using one of the USB ports on the front of your console.

7. Turn on your console with your FMCB memory card in one of the two slots. See my other posts if you dont have a FMCB mc.

8. Scroll down to uLaunchELF.

9. Press O for the file system, and then use the arrow keys to navigate to "mass:" then press O again.

10. Scroll down until you see OPNPS2LD.ELF and press O to open it.

11. You should now see the OPL screen. If this is the first time you have run OPL, then you will have to set up the settings. To do this, highlight settings,and press X.

12. Scroll to highlight "USB", press X, then use the up and down arrows to where it shows Auto.

13. Press triangle to exit, then scroll to "Save changes", then press X.

14. Once it has saved, press O to return to the settings menu, and press Start to go to the USB menu. If all goes well, you should Netflix as one of the game choices. Before you start the game, you will have to enable mode 3 for sound.

15. To do this, press triangle for game settings, and scroll to mode 3. Press X, and make sure it says "Mode 3: ON".

16. Scroll to save changes, then press X to save. Once done, you can press X to start Netflix!

If it works, you should see colorful colors, then Netflix loading, then it should ask you for your Netflix account. If you can to that, than you are good!

If you are stuck at Netflix infinately loading, you can try two things.
 One, your memory card in slot one is full or not inserted.
Two, you may need to set up network settings. See this OPL Page for info.

If you need any more help, Just Comment!

Get Netflix on a modded PlayStation 2
Get Netflix on a modded PlayStation 2 - written by Unknown , published at 7:35 AM, categorized as Netflix , Playstation 2 , PS2 . And have 0 comments
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