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HTC Rezound ROM List

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*Flash your device at your own risk*

'(02/21/2012) [SS] ICS Sense Redefined (S3.6)(4.0.3)

'(02/20/2012) [SS] Nils' Business ICS V1.0 (S3.6)(4.0.3)

'(02/20/2012) [SS] MikRoms Ineffabilis v1.2 (S3.5)(2.3.4)

'(02/05/2012) [SS] CleanROM ICS 2.3

'(02/21/2012) [SS] CleanROM GBE 1.7

'(01/26/2012) [SS] SenselessROM 2.1 Beta 1

'(02/08/2012) [SS] RezROM v1.6

'(02/06/2012) [SS] Nils' Business GingerSense V1.6

'(02/12/2012) [SS] Cyanogenmod 9.0.0 Alpha 2

'(02/12/2012) [SS] Ineffabilis-Deus-v1.0.2 (S3.6)(4.0.3)

'(02/13/2012) [SS] Simplistic RC1.1 (S3.6)(4.0.3)

'(02/05/2012) [SS] De-Sensed-ish v4.0 (4.0.3)

'(01/27/2012) [SS] RezROM ICS v1.2

*All source links are from xda-developers forum*


HTC Rezound ROM List
HTC Rezound ROM List - written by Unknown , published at 9:50 PM, categorized as ROM , Tablet . And have 0 comments
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