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Don't Get Scammed!

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 9:11 PM , have 0 comments
I started to have interest in because a friend told me he earned online through it. 5$ for every unique visit (now they changed it to 10$ per unique visit) was enough for me to take time and effort to look at this site. I looked over the internet searching for the reputation and all says clean. So I tried joining in and I hyped my payzzo link through my blog and my social media networks to make money out of it.

The front page would display get the job. The interface looks really familiar to Hmmm?

Look at the inside and your dashboard would tell you there are no other job except to promote your links and get paid for every visit. That's how you earn online through payzzo.

The problem started when a lot of readers from two of my post (which I have already deleted) one promoting and other "steps on how to earn through it", are questioning me if payzzo is legit or not and asking for help regarding the task of completing the surveys and requesting cash payouts. Here you can see that before you can request payout in payzzo you need to complete their surveys. From here comes the problem. Clicking on the complete surveys link, its either you are redirected a download site before going to their surveys. For others who manage to do the surveys but could not complete it for various reasons.

So I started to doubt its credibility, if the website is a fake and if payzzo is a scam. I tried to contact their support which is and would always fail. It would always display failure notice.

I searched for answers and googled until I found out this particular blog that might help us understand what's happening with this site. Read here!!! would save you lot of time and trouble. Or you can check the site here

Beware in some earn online sites. 

Don't Get Scammed! - written by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , published at 9:11 PM, categorized as fake-sites , internet-scam . And have 0 comments
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