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How to get Traffic for your links

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 6:08 AM , have 0 comments
Well Guys.I am back with a new post for the topic I have mentioned in my earlier Post, i.e, How to Make money Online through url shortener website).If you havent read it then i recommend you read that post first.(Click Here for previous post)


Yup..Now The Topic we are going to discuss is "How to get Traffic for your Links".
Well In your own IDEAs and CREATIVITY you may have number of ways to get Traffic..Thats Awesome of you.

Introduction :

Well This post is not a 'must do' for getting traffic but it may give you some Ideas how to get average traffic if not mass traffic.. But I guarantee You, This post will get Mass Traffic while you mix up your Ideas and the ways discussed here in your own way.

So guys Its going to be a very Lengthy Post to Discuss here as it is a detailed guide for gettic traffic into your website(as i mentioned in earlier post).

Therefore i have decided to divide these Topic into 8 detailed parts which will give most of the information that how to make a great post and share it to different type of social networks and Blogs and Forums and Make Most out of

So,Following are the brief description of what we are going to cover up in the coming Posts.

1.How to Make money from using facebook.
2.How to make money from using twitter.
3.How to make money from using Pinterest.
4.How to make money from using Youtube.
5.How to make money from using blog.
6.How to make money from using forums.
7.How to make money from using blog (with Advanced Scripts,NoT BOTS or AUTOCLICKERS)
8.How to make money from using a Secret Way (CLICK HERE) :D

The Actual reason to decide dividing these posts are to make it easy for you to understand and read one by one instead of all at once.
If I made a long post and cover up every ways in one single post probably it will make me and you both fatigue and tired. In One way i will also be tired writing and secondly you may also get tired and will start thinking when this damn post finishes ( Sorry If you never thought so. :P )

So thats all for todays post . I will add up all the detailed post for the ways i discussed above and i will also link up to this as soon as I complete writing them.(not more than 48 hours)

Thanks for engaging time in
Visit back - Comment your opinions - Support.

Abdullatheef YK
How to get Traffic for your links - written by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , published at 6:08 AM, categorized as Useful Tips and Ideas . And have 0 comments
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