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How to make money from Pinterest with adfly [New Guide 2013]

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 6:15 AM , have 0 comments

Pinterest is the famous page just like facebook and twitter and we all need to take advantage of it , so for that comes adfly

  • First you will need an account on pinterest for that you need to make an account HERE
  • And also an account on adfly If you don't already have one, register here.

The next step is to upload any picture that will attract peoples attention and for that you will need to search what is famous right now on pinterest well what is famous on pinterest right now is FASHION!!! everybody is looking for new fashion way to impress other people , so why can't you just do the same and make money over it.

You will go to google and search for a nice nice fashion picture and you will put keyword in it , and i mean stuff that people are looking for , like an example you can put Rihanna's best shirt and put a link and remember to shrink your link first on adfly and then paste it on pinterest.

The most important thing of this is that you will make money fast with adfly! now you do not need followers on pinterest to have some click on your links, so for that do not worry about that the good thing about pinterest is that any body can see your picture and comment on it or even click on the link. 

That is the beauty of Adfly. Take advantage of it.

How to make money from Pinterest with adfly [New Guide 2013] - written by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , published at 6:15 AM, categorized as Adfly , Guide , Make Money , Pinterest , Social . And have 0 comments
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