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How to make money from a Blog with adfly [New Guide 2013]

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 10:23 AM , have 0 comments

Creating a blog is the best way to earn with Start a blog on Blogger platform about any topic which is popular. The best one is the Downloads. Software, Movies, Music or E-Books, anything which need to be downloaded from 3rd party websites.

(Warning: Don’t use copyrighted material, because if receive any complain, they will gonna ban you).

Lets say, you start a blog and plan to put Mp3 Music on it. So, do it like this:

Choose a good blogger template
To succeed you will need a blog with nice design and an easy-to-use interface. So you have to choose your blogger template carefully. The following websites contain hundreds templates to choose from.

Download Mp3 Music from other websites and upload to File hosting sites
Read HERE how you can use certain filehosts to upload and get paid by them every time someone downloads your files. That trick combined with adfly can boost your earnings.

After uploading get the links and Shrink with
Make posts for Downloading those Mp3 Music and give Shorten URLs there.
You can also use “Full Page Script” from, but I will not suggest it.
Post as much as you can. Focus on Quality + Quantity.

Most of your traffic will be coming from Search engines like Google, and you should try to make them loyal visitors. Don't use lot of ads like Popup, PopUnder etc. An normal quantity of ads could be acceptable.

Soon you will be having hundreds of posts. You will have lot of Mp3 content available for downloading. Within some months you will be having lot of traffic coming from search engines. Those people will go through shorten links for downloading any of their desired Mp3 music. Keep in mind that visits on shortens links will not equal to your Blog visits. And specially in case when you have lot of other ads on your blog. Your visitor will be lost in any other area or ad and he can’t find download link, so simply they quit.

This method generates almost constant income per day. And this method will surely work for long term. Another great benefit you will get is, of having your own Blog which receive lot of daily traffic and you can monetize this in many other ways.

You are not going to earn much money on the first month because at that time you will not have much content and traffic. So don’t worry and specially don’t lose hope. Its a proven method and it will work if you work with it. So you have to do some hard work and then you will be earning almost 50-100$ per month easily.

Try it out HERE. Is a great way to monetize your blog traffic 
How to make money from a Blog with adfly [New Guide 2013] - written by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , published at 10:23 AM, categorized as Adfly , Blog , blogger , Guide , Links , Money , Website , Wordpress . And have 0 comments
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