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Minijobs How I make more than 40 dollars from internet

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Hi, there.... my todays  post is about how to do mini jobs or tasks...?? Yes definitely when you are working on these two elite sites (neobux and clixsense) then you should know about this method of earning fast by these sites which is called as mini jobs(neobux)
(click these banner to register if you dont have accounts one thia elite site)
What is the difference between mini jobs and tasks ..???
Infact both jobs are presented in two different sites by CROWDFLOWER  actually if you know how to do mini jobs in neobux it means you know how to do tasks in clixsense because both are exactly the same...but the name is different....S0 no need to worry follow my guide lines if you can do mini jobs in neobux it means you dont need to learn separately how to do tasks in clixsense....

                                          Step by step procedure as an example....

                                          Step by step procedure as an example....
Click  offers button in your main neobux account and  click mini jobs.....
Here you gonna find many jobs available if there is no job then you have to wait for jobs to come.So when
jobs are available then select one job in which atleast more than 10 jobs are present like in this snapshot you can  see a job naming  ''FIND HOTEL WEBSITES'' and 35 jobs are available
SO you can choose any job u wish but it should have more than 10 jobs inside it  like this one has 35 inside.So click this job and you will see a page like this 
SO in this job they are asking you to find official websites for hotel ''Aparments bandalo'' so you will clik ist link provided and google search results will be infront of you and you will see whether offical website for this hotel ''Apartments Bandalo'' is there in ist page or not ... so when i clicked the ist page it took me to...
NO i can't see the official website for this hotel so i will select NO on neobux mini jobs page and will skip to next question.
IN question they are asking me to find offcial website for this hotel ''kasteelhoeve Wange'' so again i will be clicking the ist provided link and will see search results for this hotel's official site.
Bingo here i see the official site mentioned on top for this hotel.So i gonna click this link and will copy its web link from there and will select YES i can find the official website and will paste that link is the space provided
And will press submit task button...Similarly i will solve the questions on the 2nd page and will submit 2nd page as well and after the submission of 2nd page i will be immediately credited 4 centsWaoooooooo  ......yes 4 cents for this simple job and job wll continute after the submission of every second page you will  ist page of new job in the same category and continued and will giving u 4 cents per 2 pages......until u tired hehe :-p .....
SO can easily earn 2 to 3 $$ per day with such easy jobs but remember u have to wait for perfect job can try other jobs but read their instructions before you do it cause accuracy is most important thing if your accuracy is lees thn 70% ( in some jobs 80%)u will not be able to do the same job again few days :(..
And remmeber this job is just an example to make u understand that how mini jobs work. jobs may be different.For explanation about tasks in clixsense you can see this link Earn money online with clixsense online jobs free

I think i can hope i make you guys understand how a mini jobs and clixsense task works and you can earn good income with them instead of that you will earn 24% bonus for every one dollar you earn from mini jobs AND 12% from your referrals work :-p yes its true 
Minijobs How I make more than 40 dollars from internet
Minijobs How I make more than 40 dollars from internet - written by Unknown , published at 2:53 PM, categorized as 2015 , , Adfly , earn money from ptc programs , Internet Money , make-money , money-making , neobux . And have 3 comments
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