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Lesson 1 - Connecting to Cisco Console Port with MINICOM

by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , at 1:36 AM , have 0 comments
Cisco is easy. If I could learn it, anybody can!
If you are a linux user user you must learn how to connect to your Cisco router or switch using roll-over cable (the cable that comes with your device).

Step1 - Installing Minicom

Linux users will use application called 'minicom'.  If you are Ubuntu user you can install it using either 'Synaptic Package Manager' or type in the following in your terminal window:

$ sudo apt-get install minicom

Once it is installed, you must configure the 'minicom' to communicate with the console port of your router/switch.

Step 2 - Connection to Console Port

Power up your router/switch and connect the roll-over cable to your computer's serial port (DB-9) and to the 'console' port of your router/switch (RJ-45).

Step 3 - Configure Minicom

Open your Terminal window (Applications ==> Accessories ==> Terminal) and type in:

$ minicom -s

Scroll down to 'Serial Port Setup' and hit Enter:
Pic. 1

Choose 'A' to set up the serial port of your computer (here the first serial port is referenced as ttyS0) so it reads as highlighted below. Then hit Enter again to accept the change:
Pic. 2

Next, press 'E' and then 'C' again to access the transmission speed and change it to '9600' value (no apostrophies). You should see values like highlighted below:
Pic. 3

Then hit Enter twice to get back to the first screen (Pic.1)

The last thing is to save this configuration (you can choose 'dfl' to be the default template or with some other name).
Pic. 4

If you chose 'dflp and then, 'Exit from Minicom', you can try out your work now. Type in:
$ minicom

and hit Enter

You should see the console prompt of your router/switch. If you want to leave the minicom use CTRL-A keystroke and then type 'x' and confirm you want to leave the application.
Lesson 1 - Connecting to Cisco Console Port with MINICOM - written by OTHMAN OMER OTHMAN ALAMODI , published at 1:36 AM, categorized as Basics , CCNA . And have 0 comments
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